Art Deco Pottery by Clarice Cliff, Moorcroft, Carlton Ware, Crown Devon, Susie Cooper and Troika 

When you mention Art Deco pottery one name springs to mind, Clarice Cliff!  Although she had a few other competitors, it is her wares that are probably more popular today than they were when they were made.  She was brilliant at combining shapes and patterns and her ability to put the same pattern on a large Isis vase, a much smaller conical sifter and all sizes in between can only be marvelled at. 

The colours she used were bold and bright to say the least and have certainly stood the test of time as they are admired as much today as when they first appeared.  It seems that the following she attracted when her pottery was initially produced is stronger now than it was then, with more and more enthusiasts admiring her work.  In the late 20's, early 30's, with jobs hard to find for a lady in 'a man's world', to rise from an apprentice decorator to the top job says it all. 

Clarice Cliff is to be admired for her ability at designing and decorating pottery, this is certainly what we collectors do by displaying her work and delighting in it's beauty.
Other makers also deserve a mention i.e. Susie Cooper, Charlotte Rhead, Moorcroft, Crown Devon and Carlton Ware to name a few.    All of them produced some wonderful pottery that is very much sought after today.  All sorts of shapes decorated in the most attractive patterns make the Art Deco world a wonderful place to be!

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